DV Capital invested in Wowworks, a B2B online-platform for facility services

DV Capital invested in Wowworks — а crowdsourcing platform that connects companies and service providers (repairs, renovations, installations, etc).

Also among the investors of this funding round were LVL1 Group of Lev Leviev (the co-founder of VKontakte) and Addventure fund (the current shareholder of the company). The total amount of investments was $3.6 mln, the consortium of investors received a minority stake in the company.

The Wowworks platform was founded in 2015 by Sergey Dyadichenko and Alexander Shipilov.  Wowworks provides companies with an easy way to get maintenance and facility management services and services providers with an effective digital platform for services distribution. The service usage helps clients to save up to 40% of their maintenance costs.

Wowworks has over 200 corporate clients, including Sber, Svyaznoy, L’Etoile, DNS and others. The platform operates both in the Russian and European markets (Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary).

Investments will be used for geographic expansion (entering the Indian and Southeast Asia markets) and further development of platform.

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DV Capital invested in Yoloco, an influencer marketing platform

DV Capital fund invested in Yoloco — one of the leading influencer marketing platforms in Russia. As a result of the transaction, DV Capital acquired a 25% stake in the company.

Yoloco was founded in 2019 by Philipp Shayzhanov, Ruslan Kurmanaev and Sergei Blokhin. Using AI technology, the platform aggregates information from social media accounts and helps advertisers find the most relevant bloggers for their target audience. Yoloco also has tools to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, such as a unique feature, which automatically calculates the overlap of blogger audiences — this allows the advertiser to avoid buying ad impressions for the same subscribers. Advertising agencies, brands, medium and small businesses are the main clients of Yoloco. The platform is already working with the main social networks — Instagram and Youtube, integration with other social networks is being developed.

Investments will be used for product development, sales and marketing, as well as geographical expansion. Currently Yoloco is preparing to expand into the American and other large foreign markets.

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